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Posted by David Mc Nally. Last updated: Fri, Mar 13, 2015

Whenever a recipient opens a newsletter we log the location where this is done. This means that we can show you on a map where in the world your newsletter has been opened. It might look like this.

The map will automatically zoom to the country with the most opens. You can easily navigate to world view where you can click a country to see opens in detail.

Regions and colours

Each country is split into regions according to the country's official regions. We will colour a country and region according to how many opens it has had. Green countries have many opens, orange countries have fewer opens.

How does it work? Are there limitations?

When a recipient opens a newsletter we register the IP address this is done from. Using the MaxMind geo IP database we convert this IP address to a physical location. The physical location is logged on the recipient profile where it can be found and used for segmentation. We also display it in the newsletter statistics.

This comes with a set of limitations.

The IP address location is not where the recipient is actually located physically when opening the newsletter. There is luckily no technology allowing this kind of invasive tracking. However, it is the location of the termination point of the internet connection being used. Usually this gives an accuracy of a few hundred meters but it may be as much as several kilometers.

MaxMind have published data on how accurate their database is. This can be found here.

If the information in the MaxMind database is not up to date a recipient may be registered incorrectly. This should be corrected automatically with the next update to the database.

Google anonymises all information regarding their users so recipients using GMail or Google Apps can not be located. They will be ignored in the location statistics.

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