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These are some of the most frequent questions asked to us:

How do I import recipients?

Importing e-mail addresses

In Ubivox you can import receivers from Excel CSV files. This guide is based on an Excel file. The guide guides you through the import process through an example.

How do I reset my password?

How to reset your password

This guide guides you thorugh the process of reseting your password.

How do I change my sender address?

Change sender address

This guide elaborates how you change your newsletter sender address. At the same time, it gives you words of advice that are worth consideration when, and if, you change your newsletter sender address.

How do I add a test recipient?

Add test-recipient in Ubivox

This guide elaborates how you create a test-recipient in Ubivox. By adding a test-recipient you are able to send the draft of a newsletter to him/her and have him/her check if everything is as it should be.

How do I mail merge subscriber data?

Mailmerging in Ubivox

In this guide you will get an intoduction to mailmerging in you newsletter.

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