Import statistics explained

This guide explains the numbers you are able to see in the import statistics.

Industry Statistics

Learn how to activate your Industri Statistics, and compare your click- and view rates with the industry

Getting Started

Get started with some of the most common features of Ubivox in five easy steps.

Find your most popular signup form

This guide elaborates how you see and measure your sign ups through campaigns, websites etc. The statisctics can be used in order to measure succes and it can give you insight as to whether someething needs to be changed.

Tracking sales on your Ubivox account

This guide elaborates and exemplifes how you can measure sales, sign ups etc. by using web targets.

Time statistic - know your subscribers reading habits

This guide elaborate and exemplify how you can gain knowledge about your subscribers through time statistics.

Google Analytics integration

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you set up Google Analytics with Ubivox.

What is a complaint?

When a subscriber is using Hotmail, Yahoo!Mail or TDC Webmail, and marks your newsletter as "Junk", Ubivox receives a notification stating that a subscriber has "complained" about receiving the newsletter. The subscriber is then, automatically, suspended from the list. This guide elaborates complaints and how they are handled in Ubivox.

Information about bounces

This guide elaborates what a soft and hard bounce is and it elaborates the significance it has for you when you are sending newsletters.

Using location statistics

When a recipient opens a newsletter we capture the location and add it to your statistics. This lets you see where in the world your newsletter is opened.

How to interpret the statistics for a newsletter

Ubivox collects detailed statistics from you newsletter that enables you to, subsequently, analyze the results from the specific newsletter. The guide elaborates what the different statistical data functions mean.

How views and clicks are registered in Ubivox

This guide elaborates the underlying basis of how views and clicks are registered in your newsletter statistics.

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