Payment through a bank transfer or an EAN invoice

Posted by Jeff Rasmussen. Last updated: Fri, Oct 11, 2013

We have chosen to let customers pay by credit card and enabled automatic invoicing of the subscription and usage, in order to minimize the amount of administration. This enables us to offer our product at a low price, which benefits our customers.

However, if you need to conduct a bank transfer on behalf of a received invoice or if the invoiced is to be issued to an EAN-number, the process is conducted by an external bookkeeper. The salary of the bookkeeper is added to the amount of the invoice as an invoice fee of DKK 350. The DKK 350 is per invoice and it covers the entire work process regarding the issuing of an invoice; registration of payment and a potential reminder process - thus this are procedures we avoid when the payment is processed automatically by credit card. Due to the invoice fee, we recommend that the payment cover six to twelve months at a time.

Contact if you wish to pay by a bank transfer or EAN-invoice.

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