Why do I have to explain how a recipient has been subscribed?

Posted by Jeff Rasmussen. Last updated: Fri, Oct 11, 2013

The main strength of Ubivox is that the e-mails we send very rarely are caught by spam filters. We are able to do this because our clients send e-mails to recipients who have accepted to receive them.

In some cases a recipient questions how they have been subscribed to a given newsletter or why they receive a specific e-mail. Normally the recipient asks you, our client, directly but in some cases they ask us. In those cases we will relay the question to you and act as a mediator between the recipient and you.


It is very important that you answer these requests from us as quickly as possible after receiving them since it may affect your deliverability negatively. If we do not get an answer within three working days we may have to shut down your account to insure our own deliverability.

We will need one or more of the following: Date of subscription, the situation where the subscription was made, the IP address the subscription was made from and anything else which might help the recipient remember when the subscription was made.

Can I talk directly to the recipient?

When we handle the contact it is because the recipient has complained to an anti spam organization like SpamCop or Spamhaus. These complaints have to be handled by us since it takes technical knowledge of our network and processes. This is why we have to handle the contact with the recipient and the anti spam organization.

If we do not handle the complaint there is a risk of the anti spam organization blocking our service which would severely damage our deliverability.

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