Litmus - Spamtest and preview in e-mail clients

This guide exemplifies and elaborates how you conduct a spam filter test as well as a preview test of how your newsletter appears in different e-mail clients. Simultaneously, the guide elaborates the functions and features that are presented during the test.

Why do a subscriber receive the newsletter more than once?

If a receiver receives the newsletter more than once it is because the receiver is subscribed through 2 or several e-mail addresses. Thus guide elaborates how to solve this problem.

Subscriber control panel in Ubivox

The subscriber control panel in Ubivox, gives you access to include a link in the newsletter, that the subscriber can click on to update their contact information in Ubivox. This guide exemplifies the process and elaborates why additional subscriber information can be relevant.

Add test-recipient in Ubivox

This guide elaborates how you create a test-recipient in Ubivox. By adding a test-recipient you are able to send the draft of a newsletter to him/her and have him/her check if everything is as it should be.

Add recipient manually in Ubivox

This guide explains how you manually submit subscribers into Ubivox.

Why do I have to explain how a recipient has been subscribed?

This guide elaborates why you in some cases have to explain and prove how a recipient subscribed to your newsletter.

How to find a subscriber

THis guide elaborates how to use the search funtions in Ubivox.

Insert your own unsubscription link

This guida elaborates how you create and insert your own unsubscription link into a newsletter.

Unsubscribe a recipient from a list

This guide explains how you remove a recipient from a list.

Is it possible to delete a subscriber in Ubivox?

It is not possible to delete an imported subscriber from a list, however, the subscriber can be unsubscribed. This guide elaborates and guides you through the process.

Update subscriber profile

This guide shows how a subscriber profile can be updated. And edit the e-mail.

Get subscriptions through Facebook

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you set up a sign up formula on your Facebook page.

How does the Subscriber stoplist function work?

How does the function Subscriber stoplist work, and how do you add a subscriber to the list.

Web form on website

This guides elaborates and guides you through how to set up a sign up formula (web form) on your website. By using this function, new subscribers will automatically be transfered into your list(s) in Ubivox.

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