Segmentation according to signup date

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you set up a segmentation rule in Ubivox.

How segmentation can be used for internal & external grouping (case)

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you can use data fields to gather information about different types of subscribers. This enables you to use segmentation among subscribers.

Segmentation in Ubivox

In Ubivox you can use segmentation among your subscribers before you send your newsletter. If you, for example, wish to only send to subscribers in London, you are able to do so. This guide guides you through the process.

How to split test in Ubivox

In Ubivox you have the possibility of testing whether changes in your subject field, design or content can increase your view and click rate. This guide guides you through the process and explains how you can use split testing in your newsletters.

Split testing introduction and general information

This guide introduces split testing and the possibilities it gives you. Additionally the guide elaborates the set up process through an example.

Segmentation JSON

Refer to this document for information on the structure of segmentation rules in JSON.

Create a new segment

You can, quickly and easily, create new segments of recipients on your Ubivox-account - this lets you send e.g. to people that have bought a product in your webshop or have clicked a link in a previous newsletter.

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