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Posted by Jeff Rasmussen. Last updated: Fri, Oct 11, 2013

In Ubivox you can segment your delivery to a specific group. For instance, you can choose to send to all of your recipients living in a specific zip code, or a specific age group etc. With the unlimited number of data fields, you can fill in all sorts of data, and then segment based on that. Narrowing and specializing your deliveries, often creates better results, increasing open and click rates.

List of segmentation options

It is possible to choose between, match "all" or match "any" rule.

You can segment on the following data:

Data fields The data in your data fields, which means that ALL of the information you have on your recipients, can be used to segment from.

E-mail addresses Makes it possible to send a newsletter to all recipients, who are receiving e-mails on a specific domain (i.e.

Newsletter data The option to send to a specific group that received, read, clicked etc. on a previous newsletter.

Subscription date Send to all that subscribed before or after a certain date

Subscription to other lists Gives you the option to segment on subscriptions to other lists, i.e. if they are on another list on your account.

Segmentation - the technical stuff

When the segmentation rules are set, the temporary segment is calculated, and presented in the interface. If the list is on 2500 recipients, and the segmentation shows 800, then it will say that it will send to 800 of 2500.

The amount is temporary.

If a new subscriber, who fits the segmentation rule, signs up before the newsletter is sent, the number will increase (or decrease if a subscriber unsubscribes).

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