Lists, Data fields, Import and Sign up form

This guides elaborates how you create lists and data fields. Lists can be used for segmentation and data fields can be used to collect information about you subscribers. This information can then be used for segmentation. The guide also elaborates how you can import and create a sign up formula on your website.

Subscriber control panel in Ubivox

The subscriber control panel in Ubivox, gives you access to include a link in the newsletter, that the subscriber can click on to update their contact information in Ubivox. This guide exemplifies the process and elaborates why additional subscriber information can be relevant.

How segmentation can be used for internal & external grouping (case)

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you can use data fields to gather information about different types of subscribers. This enables you to use segmentation among subscribers.

Mailmerging in Ubivox

In this guide you will get an intoduction to mailmerging in you newsletter.

Create data fields to gather information about subscribers

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you create data fields in the system.

Onclick-actions on links

This guide shows how you make onclick-actions on links

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