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Posted by Jeff Rasmussen. Last updated: Fri, Oct 11, 2013

Ubivox has integrated with AddThis, which enables you to let your subscribers to share your newsletter to more than 350 social communities as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin etc., and to easily forward the newsletter to a friend.

To allow subscribers to share your newsletters on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and forward to their friends, you first have to activate a list setting. Click on the title list on the Dashboard in Ubivox, and then click on List menu upper-right corner and then click List settings. Click the checkbox Use sharing in archive,  and then click Update.

When it is done, its ready for sharing, set up the sharing link.

If you use our standard template, it is possible to use a new element, by dragging it to the content-area. Click on Add content and drag the Share button to your content. It is possible to change size on the icon, by click content and change settings.

If you are using a special designed template, you do not have a Share button. Instead you have to insert a link that is directed to: {{delivery.urls.sharing}}

Once this has been done a click at the link will lead the subscriber to the page wherefrom the newsletter can be shared.

Tracking with Addthis

Addthis gives you the possibility to track, how often your newsletter is being shared. It requires that you register a AddThis-account and then register a profile-ID in Ubivox.

Visit and register a new account. Mouse over your account in the top right corner and click on Settings and then select Profiles. Register an account and call it Ubivox. Copy profile-ID (starts with ra-) On your Dashboard, click on the name of your list, click List menu  and then on Social integration. Paste the profile-ID in the Addthis profile ID and update it. All shared newsletter will now be registered at your AddThis-profile.

When the newsletter has been sent, AddThis provides you with information about how it has been shared.

Get more sign ups

If your list is marked Allow public signups, Ubivox will add a sign up form in the right side of the share function. This will give your newsletter more sign ups. Mark the list as Public archive”, at the same site as before where you handled Site settings$

Ubivox will register these sign ups in the statistics. Click on your List then List menuList statistics, at References, you can see sign ups obtained from the shared newsletter.

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