Your test e-mail has been sent

This guide elaborates on what happens when you send a test e-mail from the editor.

Litmus - Spamtest and preview in e-mail clients

This guide exemplifies and elaborates how you conduct a spam filter test as well as a preview test of how your newsletter appears in different e-mail clients. Simultaneously, the guide elaborates the functions and features that are presented during the test.

Can I get my newsletter as a PDF?

It is possible to have a copy of your newsletter as a PDF. This guides guides you through the process.

Scheduled delivery of a newsletter

Ubivox enables you to schedule the delivery time of your newsletter. This guide guides you through the process of scheduling a delivery.

Why do a subscriber receive the newsletter more than once?

If a receiver receives the newsletter more than once it is because the receiver is subscribed through 2 or several e-mail addresses. Thus guide elaborates how to solve this problem.

Mailmerging in an URL or a picture URL

You are able to mailmerge in an URL or in a picture URL in Ubivox. However, due to technical reason, you are not able to see statistics from these. This guide elaborates and demonstrates how it is done in praxis.

Integrating with Sleeknote

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you integrate Sleeknote with Ubivox.

How to use the editor

This guide gives a deeper understanding of how the Ubivox editor works. The guide elaborates all the functions within the editor and therefore gives you a deep insight into the drag and drop process.

Add test-recipient in Ubivox

This guide elaborates how you create a test-recipient in Ubivox. By adding a test-recipient you are able to send the draft of a newsletter to him/her and have him/her check if everything is as it should be.

Insert video in a newsletter

In this guide you will learn how to setup a video in your newsletter

Change sender address

This guide elaborates how you change your newsletter sender address. At the same time, it gives you words of advice that are worth consideration when, and if, you change your newsletter sender address.

Opt-in information

This guide elaborates opt-in and the advantages of using a double opt-in instead of an ordinary opt-in.

Form, Javascript and Flash in my newsletter?

It is unfortunately not possible to insert a form, Javascript or Flash, in a newsletter as many e-mail clients does not supports these formats. However it is possible to use the 'sharing' function in Ubivox. This guides elaborates why it isn't possible and links to more information about the 'sharing' function.

Why is my newsletter not displayed correctly in the e-mail client?

In some cases newsletters are not displayed properly in e-mail clients. This is due to the fact that e-mail clintes use different set ups. This guide elaborates why newsletter are not properly displayed.

Archive a newsletter

Archive a newsletter. Makes it possible to share on social media.

Send a newsletter to new subscribers

This guide elaborates how you can send your newsletter to new subscribers on your list(s).

Mailmerging in Ubivox

In this guide you will get an intoduction to mailmerging in you newsletter.

Ubivox Courses, Autoresponder and Dripcampaigns

In Ubivox you have the possibility of setting up courses. This guide introduces and elaborates how it is done in the system through a practical example.

Use storytelling to optimize your newsletter

Five ways to increase reader engagement through storytelling.

Delete a draft

How you can delete a draft in Ubivox

Insert your own unsubscription link

This guida elaborates how you create and insert your own unsubscription link into a newsletter.

Update your opt-in e-mail

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you change your opt-in e-mail text.

Verified sender

This guide elaborates the meaning of being a Verified sender as well as explaining the process of becoming one.

Information about bounces

This guide elaborates what a soft and hard bounce is and it elaborates the significance it has for you when you are sending newsletters.

Litmus - Header, preview and its influence on opening rates

This article elaborates what Litmus is and how you can use it to your advantage in your work with newsletters.

Newsletter archive on your website

This guide elaborates and exemplify how you set up an archive of previous newsletters on your website.

Why does my images not appear in Internet Explorer/Outlook?

Internet Explorer 8, and above, does not support images saved as CMYK. If you instead save images as RGB they will appear again.

Lock the width of a column with transparent GIFs

This guide elaborates and exemplify how you can lock the width of a column through transparant GIFs.

External resources in Ubivox

This guide elaborates how you merge external resources into your newsletter. The guide contains examples in HTML and RSS.

Get subscriptions through Facebook

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you set up a sign up formula on your Facebook page.

How to interpret the statistics for a newsletter

Ubivox collects detailed statistics from you newsletter that enables you to, subsequently, analyze the results from the specific newsletter. The guide elaborates what the different statistical data functions mean.

Newsletter archive on Pinterest

This guide exemplifies and elaborates how to share your newsletters on the social media site Pinterest.

Newsletter distribution to several lists

If you are sending the same newsletter to several list you can, with a few clicks, create a distribution which handels the process for you. Additionally it collects statistics from all the newsletters into one manageable list. This guide guides your through the process and elaborates how it is done in praxis.

How to copy a newsletter

Make a copy of your newsletter and send it to another list, or edit the content in the template and reuse the design.

Guidelines for designers of newsletters

In this guide we elaborate the limitations you as a designer will encounter when you are designing for e-mail programs rather than browsers and printing houses.

Generating a link to the latest archived newsletter

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you can link to your latest archieved newsletter in future newsletters.

Share newsletters on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This guide elaborates how you set up the share function in your newsletters. The share function enables your subscribers to share your newsletter on social media platforms and through e-mail.

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