What does 'Pending end-user authorization' mean?

When a receiver subscribes to a list, Ubivox sends a so-called opt-in-mail. Untill the receiver has confirmed the sign up, the receiver will be marked as 'Pending end-user authorization'.

Add test-recipient in Ubivox

This guide elaborates how you create a test-recipient in Ubivox. By adding a test-recipient you are able to send the draft of a newsletter to him/her and have him/her check if everything is as it should be.

Add notifications to your account

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you can set up notifications and by these keep yourself updated.

New user in Ubivox

This guides elaborates and exemplify how you create a new account user. Additionally, the guide elaborates the significance the language choice has for a account user as notification e-mails will be send in the selected language.

Test recipients and system users - The difference

This guide explains the difference between a test recipient and a system user.

How to reset your password

This guide guides you thorugh the process of reseting your password.

Google Login

To enhance security and usability in Ubivox it is possible for you to log in to your Ubivox account using your Google Account.

Ask Toolbar removes the bottom of the system

This guide elaborates how you can remove the Ask Toolbar and thereby see the menu in the bottom of the system again.

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