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Posted by Jeff Rasmussen. Last updated: Fri, Oct 11, 2013

When you edit your newsletter you have the possibility of viewing the newsletter, as it will appear when it is send to a subscriber. Furthermore you have the possibility of sending a test email to system users and test-recipients as well. In this guide we elaborate the difference between the two.

When you create a user that has access to your account, i.e. a 'system user', the user's e-mail address will appear in the list in the send test e-mail overview (1).

Once you create a test recipient, the recipients e-mail address will appear in the list in the send test e-mail overview (2).

Once you view your newsletter you can, at the top right corner under Preview preference chose if you wish to see the newsletter as a test recipient or as a system user.

The difference

The difference between the two types of recipients is that a system user is not a 'real' subscriber on the list. This means that mail merging etc. will not work for a system user the same way it does for a test recipient.

If you wish to test your mail merging you must always use a test recipient instead of a system user.

Create a test recipient

Mail merging in Ubivox

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