Tracking sales on your Ubivox account

Posted by Jeff Rasmussen. Last updated: Fri, Oct 11, 2013

All links in a newsletter serves a purpose - the receiver can buy a product, click on an advert, sign up for an event an much more. This is what we refer to as web targets and web targets can be traced in detail in Ubivox. Once a web target has been set up all clicks that are leading to the web target is measured and we will tell precisely how many targets that were accomplished due to the newsletter. By doing this you are able to see exactly how much you receive from the time you spend on writing newsletter and reporting of results are now easier than ever.

Tracking sales

It is possible, in Ubivox, to track actions on your website back to a specific newsletter. You can use this to track sales in a web-shop, sign ups for an event and much more. tracking takes place by inserting a snippet of code on your confirmation page. This could be on the page where the customer receives the confirmation of a purchase in your web-shop, or on the page where you print tickets to an arrangement that the customer signed up for.

Start by setting up a target.

Click Statistics -> Web targets and then Create new web target. State a Title and a Description of the goal and select Create. The web target has now been created - click at Manage and then at the Integration tab. Copy the code and insert at the page where you wish to track actions, i.e. purchases or sign ups.

Add details to the web target

You can send details for an action by adding parameters to the web target. You can use the following parameter:

st_revenue, st_puantity, st_currency and st_reference.


Example: tracking sales in a web-shop

The customer has purchased a football of EUR 19,95 and a pair of boots of EUR 199,95. A total of two items of a value of EUR 219,90. The order number is 123456.

<img src="<target_id>/?st_revenue=219.90&st_currency=EUR&st_quantity=2&st_reference=123456">

Example: tracking sign ups to an event

The customer has enrolled 4 participants for an event and received the confirmation number 654321. In this instance we leave out st_revenue and st_currency, as they are irrelevant.

<img src="<target_id>/?st_quantity=4&st_reference=654321">


When a newsletter is send and a recipient click at a link and reaches the confirmation code, which contains the aforementioned code, the purchase/sign up will be registered in the web target statistics for the newsletter. In this statistic you will have an overview of the sales that are based on st_reference as well as an overview of the total revenue/total amount of sign ups for the entire newsletter.

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