How views and clicks are registered in Ubivox

Posted by Jeff Rasmussen. Last updated: Fri, Oct 11, 2013

In order to register a view or a click in Ubivox, the subscriber has to interact with your newsletter. This means that the subscriber either has to load a picture or click at a link.

In GMail the notification of the loading of a picture appears as seen below:

Once a receiver clicks at "Display images below" the images are loaded and Ubivox registers a view of the newsletter.

If the newsletter contains links and if the subscriber clicks at one of these, we register a view, (if the picture has not already been loaded) and subsequently a click at the link.

If the subscriber opens the newsletter again, and if 30 minutes has passed since the last view was registered, we register another view. This is the difference between unique views and views. Thus a subscriber can only generate one unique view but several views.

If the subscriber does not display pictures and if the subscriber does not click at any links, Ubivox cannot register an interaction and therefore the view of the newsletter will not be registered. This means that a receiver may read your content without it being traced by Ubivox. It is essential to keep this in mind when you are planning a follow-up campaign to subscribers who previously have not opened the newsletter.

Technical explanation

Technically a registration occurs as Ubivox find links and pictures and replaces the path for each with a path to a Ubivox server.

When a picture is loaded a request is first send to Ubivox's server, which checks if an earlier view from the subscriber has been registered. If not, the view is counted and there upon the picture is sent to the e-mail client. If an earlier view has been registered the picture is merely sent directly.

When a subscriber clicks at a link the subscriber is first directed to Ubivox's servers that register the click and thereupon the subscriber is redirected with a 302-redirect to the final destination.

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