Why is my newsletter not displayed correctly in the e-mail client?

Posted by Mia Meldgaard. Last updated: Fri, Oct 11, 2013

Ubivox standard templates are tested in all of the most popular e-mail clients (Outlook, Mail.app, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Gmail etc.). The objective of the test is to make sure that the design is as correct as possible across the different e-mail clients.

In certain cases, it is not possible to get a 100% correct look in all of the e-mail clients, which mean that there will always be a risk of a few subscribers whose layout will deviate a little from the intended look. It is often a result of a complex use of settings, such as: changes in margins, frames and backgrounds colours. These changes can be made in the sections and columns in the editor.

Lotus Notes is especially one of the largest problems, regarding design. Read more below.

Do you use Lotus Notes?

Older versions of Lotus Notes rarely support the same options that, for example, Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird does. Specifically the support of HTML and CSS is very limited and in certain cases pictures may not be loaded properly.

This is the case whether you are designing the newsletter by yourself or if you are using one of our templates. Lotus Notes is normally used within companies and upgrades do therefore rarely occur. This means that some companies are using Lotus Notes versions from 2003 or even earlier versions. Thus there is no specific solution to the problem.

However, in some cases we are able to create a specially designed template, which contains contents specifically made to Lotus Notes users, but this requires that the Lotus Notes user informs you that he/she wishes to receive the special version of the newsletter. Contact our support for more information about this service.

If you have a complex and very specific design, or if you would like to make sure that it is shown in a specific way in an e-mail client, we can assist and create a custom template for you.

Please contact support@ubivox.com for more information.

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