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Posted by Jeff Rasmussen. Last updated: Fri, Oct 11, 2013

In Ubivox we constantly work to make our system as flexible as possible. One of the major reasons for this is that is should be easy to integrate large parts of Ubivox into external systems.

HTML-form - simple integration

The HTML-form is our simple integration possibility. Insert the HTML-code we provide for the list - This ensures that all subscriptions, through the form, are subscribed to the correct list.

You can find the guide to the HTMl-form here.

XML-RPC API - advanced integration

With the API you gain access to send calls to functions in Ubivox and get results back. Some of these functions are: unsubscription and subscription, update receiver data, collect list information, send out newsletters and send single emails. API is the way to proceed if you wish to conduct advanced integration.

XML-RPC is a lightweight platform, which is independent from other platforms and it performs Remote Procedure Calls. You can find the documentation to the XML-RPC API here. On the page you will find examples of integration in Python and PHP as well.

Data feeds - pull out data

With the data feeds function you are able to pull out information from Ubivox to other external systems. You can get lists of newsletters, receiver statistics, statistics from specific newsletter, etc.

Data can be pulled out in JSON or CSV-format and the authentication process is conducted by HTTP basic authentication. You can read more about data feeds at the menu tab Account in Ubivox.

Webhooks - Get notifications of events

Webhooks enables Ubivox to give external systems notice when an event happens, for example: subscriptions, unsubscriptions, suspension and login etc. This makes it easier for you to maintain a complete copy of your Ubivox receiver database in an external system.

In practice, we send a request to a URL (stated by you) once an event happens in Ubivox. A request contains information about the event in JSON-format, e.g. which email address has been subscribed and which list has the subscription been made to.

We, of course, pay attention to errors in the process - if we cannot request the URL in the first attempt we will try again. This is elaborated further at the page about webhooks in Ubivox.

Questions? Our support is ready to assist

If you have questions to the integration of Ubivox in an external system, then please contact support. We are ready to assist you in any way we can.

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