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Posted by Jeff Rasmussen. Last updated: Fri, Oct 11, 2013

If you want to use Ubivox as a external database for your subscribers, because you already have a webshop or a CMS system that is able to handle the process for registrations of subscribers, it is not a problem. What you need to do, is export your subscribers from the existing system and remember a simpel setting feature, when you import these subscribers into Ubivox.

How to handle unsubscriptions

In Ubivox it is possible to handle unsubscriptions. If you choose this option, you just need to import your Excel-file with the subscribers. Ubivox will select active subscribers and not unsubscriptions, bounces e-mails and complaints.


If you do the set up yourself, you have to remember the single opt-in in the import which will be elaborated in 'Import and settings'1.


Ubivox works best with Excel-files (2003-format, not 2007-format). Please be remember to export in a format from your existing system, that can use the settings in Excel. Most systems can export to XLS or CSV and both formats can be handled in Excel.

Before importing*

When you have exported your subscribers, you need to configuring the file in Excel, so the format is adapted to Ubivox' standards. Here is an example of an Excel file:

When the format on your file import is ready, you can start the import.

Import and settings

If Ubivox are handeling unsubscriptions, you do not have to do anything in particular through the import process. Import the file and you will get a new list with the latest sign up list from your system.

This process makes sure that you only have to use one list in Ubivox, and avoid problems with sending to unsubscribed recipients.

  1. To handle unsubscriptions by yourself, selecect "Unsubscribe other subscribers" to make sure that only the subscribers you import are going be on the list. The existing ones already in Ubivox and which are not on your imported list, will be suspended.Furthermore, check the box Update data to refresh subscriber data on existing subscribers, to make sure that all information is up to date. 

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