Lists, Data fields, Import and Sign up form

This guides elaborates how you create lists and data fields. Lists can be used for segmentation and data fields can be used to collect information about you subscribers. This information can then be used for segmentation. The guide also elaborates how you can import and create a sign up formula on your website.

Getting Started

Get started with some of the most common features of Ubivox in five easy steps.

Using a QR code in Ubivox

In Ubivox you can make a QR code that works as a sign up formula for your newsletter. This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you create a QR code to your Ubivox list.

Find your most popular signup form

This guide elaborates how you see and measure your sign ups through campaigns, websites etc. The statisctics can be used in order to measure succes and it can give you insight as to whether someething needs to be changed.

Form, Javascript and Flash in my newsletter?

It is unfortunately not possible to insert a form, Javascript or Flash, in a newsletter as many e-mail clients does not supports these formats. However it is possible to use the 'sharing' function in Ubivox. This guides elaborates why it isn't possible and links to more information about the 'sharing' function.

Get subscriptions through Facebook

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you set up a sign up formula on your Facebook page.

Web form on website

This guides elaborates and guides you through how to set up a sign up formula (web form) on your website. By using this function, new subscribers will automatically be transfered into your list(s) in Ubivox.

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