Convert .ABBU-file to CSV-file

Export your contacts on your Mac to Ubivox by converting the .ABBU-file, they are stored as, to a .CSV-file. This guides guide you trough the process through a practical example.

Import statistics explained

This guide explains the numbers you are able to see in the import statistics.

Getting Started

Get started with some of the most common features of Ubivox in five easy steps.

Importing e-mail addresses

In Ubivox you can import receivers from Excel CSV files. This guide is based on an Excel file. The guide guides you through the import process through an example.

Import options

This guide elaborates and explains the possibilities you have when you are about to import subscribers.

Advanced import possibilities

This guide elaborates and explaing the advanced functions when importing subscribers.

Excel-tricks to organize data before importing to Ubivox

This guide elaborates how you can organize subscribers and the information you have about them in Excel before you import to Ubivox.

Ubivox as an external database

This guide elaborates and exemplify how you can use Ubivox as an external database, if you already have an external program that handle sub- and unsubsciptions to your newsletter.

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