Segmentation according to signup date

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you set up a segmentation rule in Ubivox.

Lists, Data fields, Import and Sign up form

This guides elaborates how you create lists and data fields. Lists can be used for segmentation and data fields can be used to collect information about you subscribers. This information can then be used for segmentation. The guide also elaborates how you can import and create a sign up formula on your website.

Why do a subscriber receive the newsletter more than once?

If a receiver receives the newsletter more than once it is because the receiver is subscribed through 2 or several e-mail addresses. Thus guide elaborates how to solve this problem.

Add a logo to your list

In Ubivox you have the possibility of adding a logo to a specific list. This guide guides you through the process.

What does 'Pending end-user authorization' mean?

When a receiver subscribes to a list, Ubivox sends a so-called opt-in-mail. Untill the receiver has confirmed the sign up, the receiver will be marked as 'Pending end-user authorization'.

Global opt-out, if you have many lists

This guide elaborates and exemplifies the advantages of using Global Opt-out as tool for managing unsubscriptions across your lists.

How to find a subscriber

THis guide elaborates how to use the search funtions in Ubivox.

Update your opt-in e-mail

This guide elaborates and exemplifies how you change your opt-in e-mail text.

Unsubscribe a recipient from a list

This guide explains how you remove a recipient from a list.

Advantages of using one list

This guide elaborates the advantages of only using one list compared to several.

Archive your list

This guide shows you how you can archive or hide a list from the interface.

Is it possible to delete a subscriber in Ubivox?

It is not possible to delete an imported subscriber from a list, however, the subscriber can be unsubscribed. This guide elaborates and guides you through the process.

Adjust the visibility of your lists

A list's visibility and accessibility are settings you can edit yourself, for example whether a list should be public or not. This guides guides you through the process and elaborates how it is done in the system.

Onclick-actions on links

This guide shows how you make onclick-actions on links

Newsletter distribution to several lists

If you are sending the same newsletter to several list you can, with a few clicks, create a distribution which handels the process for you. Additionally it collects statistics from all the newsletters into one manageable list. This guide guides your through the process and elaborates how it is done in praxis.

How to delete a list

In this guide we show you how to delete a list in Ubivox. Be advised, that if you delete a list, all the subscribers and former newsletter will be deleted as well.

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